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New Behavioral Policy


New Behavioral Policy for Players, Coaches, and Spectators
Starting this season any actions or outburst, viewed or perceived to be anything less than good sportsmanship will result in an “Official Warning”. This warning will be announced, documented on the score sheet, and any infringement thereafter will result in a technical foul. A combination of an Official Warning and a technical foul received in a single game, by a single participant will result in an ejection in accordance with the code of conduct agreed upon during registration. Official Warnings will not result in Free Throws or loss of possession. This applies to players, coaches, and spectators alike. Traditional Technical fouls will still be in effect and handled as they always have been.

-WCAA Basketball Committee

Court Legend

Pract Court Schedule

Mon 6 Mon 7 Tue 6 Tue 7 Wed 6 Wed 7
Court 1A 9u Sherer(2) 13u Perez(2) 7U 9u Smith 9u Sherer 9u Boeck
Court 1B 9u Spellman(2) 7U 9u Spellman 11u Colon 13u Colon
Court 2A 16u Capri(2) 9U Perez 13u Perez 13u Buzard
Court 2B 11u Tarheels 9u Roberson 16u Rodriguez
Court 3A 13u Manyoma 13u Fraser 13u Manyoma 11u Dorr 13u Fraser(2) 16u Fraser
Court 3B 16u Hitchman 11u Roberson 13u Sun Devils 16u Capri
Court 4A 11u Carlos 16u Ellis
Court 4B HOLD HOLD 16u HItchman

Extended Pract Court Schedule

Thu 6 Thu 7 Fri 6 Fri 7
Court 1A Sherer
Court 1B Buzz
Court 2A Spellman Carlos Carlos
Court 2B Dorr
Court 3A Fraser Fraser
Court 3B Capri
Court 4A


If you are interested in coaching or assisting in some capacity, please contact me directly at

All coaches must submit a background check

League Information

WCAA Basketball is one of the largest youth recreational basketball leagues in the State. The program is designed to introduce our youth of all ages to the great game of basketball! Many of our players have never played in an organized basketball league, while others are more experienced.

WCAA Basketball only allows individual registration so that our coaches can evaluate and skill balance the teams to ensure a fun experience for everyone! We run programs year-round, with Spring, Fall and Summer offerings.

Welcome and GAME ON!

Fall Season Info

Spring Season Info



Fall Season Information

The Fall season runs from October to November with the following aspects:

  • 8 game season
  • 1-2 games per week
  • 1 practice per week
  • Uniforms for every team (tops only)
  • Referees
  • Insurance
  • Outdoor game venue
  • 2 Team Playoff
  • Adjustable goals for younger divisions
  • Open to boys and girls aged 5-17
  • All games played Thursday & Friday nights and Saturday mornings
  • Practices are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, unless a game is scheduled
  • All practices and games played at the Wesley Chapel District Park
  • Registration open from July to September



Spring Season Information

The Spring season runs from February to May with the following aspects:

  • 10 game season
  • 1-2 games per week
  • Minimum of 1 practice per week
  • Jersey for every team
  • Referees
  • Insurance
  • Outdoor game venue
  • Playoff (Top 4 Teams) and Championship Game
  • Divisional MVPs
  • All-Star teams
  • Adjustable goals for younger divisions
  • Open to boys and girls aged 5-17
  • Medals for champion teams and All-Stars
  • Most games played on Saturdays, with a few games scheduled for Thursday and Friday evenings
  • Practices are Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights
  • All practices and games played at the Wesley Chapel District Park
  • Registration open in February

Board Members


Name Title Email
 Bob Dorr Director of Basketball, AVP Cowboy Football, Cheer and Lacrosse,
 Michael Capri Assistant Director/ Coaching Representative
 Darren Fraser Assistant Director 
 Susan McClurge   Administration  


If you want to be apart of this league please contact us. Here's your chance to be apart in the development of the basketball program.

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