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General Information



The WCAA Baseball year begins with the Fall season in September and ends with the conclusion of the Spring season in May.

The Fall season is an instructional season designed to give interested players an opportunity to learn the mechanics and fundamentals of baseball in a fun, but structured environment. The season runs from early September through early November.  Players will have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and try new positions.  The goal is to better prepare them for the more competitive Spring season.


The Spring season is instructional with a player participation requirement, but also incorporates a more competitive environment, where an official score and standings are recorded.


Included in the cost of registration, WCAA Baseball provides each player a complete uniform for the Spring season, which includes:  Hat, Jersey, Pants and Socks.  For the Fall season, each player is provided a jersey and hat.  

League Age:

The age of a player prior to May 1st of the current baseball year. 

The current baseball year starts May 1st and ends April 3oth of the following year. 

WCAA Baseball Refund Policy:

 WCAA Refund Policy - there will be a $30.00 administrative refund fee for all refunds requested before registration ends. Any refund requested after the registration ends there will be a $50.00 administrative refund fee. No refunds are issued once Team setup is completed.

 See Division Rules for more information.

WCAA District Park Lightning Detection System


WCAA has a Thorguard Lightning Detection System at the Wesley Chapel District Park. The system is installing on top of the baseball & soccer conference room it is fully operational 7 days per week between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

The system will sound one 15 second horn blast whenever lighting is expected to strike within 2 miles of the sensor within 12-20 minutes. A strobe light will also flash continuously on top of the baseball and soccer concession building while the lightning danger persists. All Manager, coaches, players and parent need to clear the field and spectator area, PLEASE GO TO YOUR CAR.  If during a practice the system sound and the manager/coach continue with practice please take your child to your car and report the manager/coach to the Player Agent.  When the lightning danger has subsided, the system will sound three short blasts and the strobe light will turn off. (Given you the all clear to return to the field)

While the horn is designed to be heard throughout the park, it may be drowned out somewhat by noise at events far from the baseball and soccer concession stand, such as tackle football or softball games. So if inclement weather is in the area and it is noisy where you are, look for the strobe light.

If a lightning alert is sounded while you are in the park, PLEASE take shelter in a building or in your vehicle. A few years ago, two young boys in Virginia were killed by a lightning strike at a youth baseball game. Let's keep the kids safe!

Thank You,

WCAA Baseball/Softball Committee

Roles/Responsibilities for Volunteer Positions:

Volunteer Type Description of Duties Time Commitment (approximate)
Baseball/Softball Director Overall responsibility for the Baseball and Softball program, including financials, registration, scheduling of games/umpires/lights, defining teams/team coaches, relationship management, uniforms, field/equipment, coaches clinics, player clinics, trophies/medals, all stars, etc. 20 hours per week
This time can vary – depending on how many volunteer positions are filled!
Baseball/Softball Player Agents (one per division) Players agents will be the first point of contact within their division.  They will be responsible for all inquiries and complaints with managers and parents for their respective division. They will be the initial point of contact between the division and the league directors. Fall:  
2 hours per week
Additional responsibilities include:
·Help either open up the park or close it down on a weekly basis. 
·Run player evaluations for their division Spring:
·Run the team draft ·1 day for tryouts
·Assist in All Star selection ·1 evening for selecting teams
·2-3 hour committee meeting each quarter
This position is an actual WCAA Baseball/Softball Committee Member.  The person cannot be a player agent for the division that his/her daughter is playing in, so they will be assigned to another.  This is to prevent conflicts that could arise. · 2-4 hours per week helping with opening/closing and being available for the coaches/parents.
Baseball/Softball Field and Equipment Manager This position will be responsible for all baseball and softball related equipment issues from inventory and ordering, to distribution and maintenance.  This position will entail keeping up-to-date logs on all WCAA equipment and its whereabouts. Depending on the number of parent volunteers to help with field work, this position can take between 3 and 15 hours per week.
More details:
·Manage equipment needs for the teams:
·Ordering replacement equipment as needed.
·Ordering softballs as needed for practice and games.
·Handing out/Collecting equipment each season to/from the Team Managers
·Giving guidance to Managers/Coaches on how to use equipment (Instructions on chalker lids is one example).
· Determining what needs to be fixed on the fields and communicating that to the Committee so it is turned in to the County.  The activities the county helps with are below:
·Drag our fields a few times per week. 
·Fix the sprinklers on the field as needed.
·Correct any safety issues – such as the big lip between the clay and grass in the outfield.
·Add more clay to the fields as needed
·Maintaining the fields for things that the county does not handle. 
·Reset the bases as needed (includes measuring the distance, concreting them in, ensuring the base posts are in place or plugs between divisions).
·Fix the temporary fence as needed on Field 5 for softball
·Coordinate or fix the shed equipment, including the golf cart, tractor, chalkers, etc.
·Coordinate or fix the pitching machines
·This is where we need PARENT FIELD WORK volunteers to help to help!!!  SEE BELOW for this position.
Baseball/Softball Uniform Coordinator  This position will be responsible for obtaining all players’ uniform sizes and submitting orders to the vendor.  There will be two people – one for Baseball and one for Softball.  They will also be responsible for distribution of the uniforms and handling all uniform related issues / requests.  10-15 hours total
More details:
·Assisting the committee with selection of the uniforms for the season
·Coordinating and participating in the sizing of uniforms
·Creating the list of uniforms needed by Division/Team/Team Color/Player Size for the vendor so they can give us an invoice.
·Submitting the Invoice through the Softball Committee to get a purchase order created prior to ordering the uniforms.
·Once PO is received – this person would communicate with the vendor to place the order, would pick up the order and would distribute the uniforms to the Team Parents.
·Handle any discrepancies in sizes.  Every season there are issues, so this entails trying to get the girls to swap between each other to minimize the number of re-orders, gathering the mis-sized shirts and pants (pants in Spring only), finalizing the re-order information and coordinating with the vendor, etc.
Baseball/Softball Administrator This position will be responsible for assisting the Baseball and/or Softball Director with various activities listed below during a season.  Fall: 
·Coordinating the background check process. First few weeks 3 hours per week.  Then goes down to about 1 hour per week.
·Coordinating the Team Parent (Team Mom/Dad) meeting
·Participating with uniform handouts Spring: 
·Collecting the concession buy out money from the team moms and turning it in. 3 hours per week.
·Assisting with communications to the coaches/parents.
·General assistance to the director as things come up
Baseball/Softball Sponsorship Coordinator This position will be responsible for soliciting funds and bringing new partnerships to WCAA Baseball and Softball (can be 2 people).  They will ensure all banners are hung, as well as coordinating with the Uniform coordinators in making sure the business sponsor names are printed on the jerseys.  Fall:
5 hours
More details: Spring Regular Season:
·Follow up with existing sponsors to see if they want to renew their sponsorship for the new year. 15 hours
·Work with Managers/Coaches/Team Parents to find team sponsorships.
·Overall coordinator for all-star fund raising for teams that go to States or World Series.  We may be able to select one or more parents from the all-star teams to assist with activities, but we need a committee member to run the fundraising (planning, collecting the money, paying it out as defined). Spring All Stars:
·Responsible for getting the banners printed and hung for sponsoring companies and for all star banners. 20 hours – could be less depending on parent assistance.
Concession Manager Collects all buyout money each season and schedules any volunteers to work for Baseball and Softball.  Orders all food and drink items for baseball/softball concession to keep items in stock. 2-3 hours per week.
Team Manager (one per team) This is the head coach of the team.     6-10 hours per week
In both Fall and Spring, the Manager is responsible for:
·Attend the beginning of the season Coaches meeting.
·Attend Coaches Clinic and optionally get coaches certification (online). *** NEW to start Spring 2016
·Understanding the rules for the division.
·Selecting Assistant Coaches for the team.
·Recruiting a Team Parent for the team.
·Overall responsibility for the team – practices and games, including:
·Scheduling and running practices.  Includes coordinating the Assistant Coaches and Practice Helpers to ensure they can assist with running drills during practices.
·Setting the lineup for games.
·Making sure the Parent Field Prep workers from their team have helped prep the field.
·Managing the game!
·Communications for the team – if not delegated to the Team Parent or other.
·Communicating any issues with the games, umpires, safety, etc. to the Player Agent to request resolution.
In Spring, the Manager is also responsible for:
·Drafting his/her team for the season
·Submitting recommendations for All Stars
This position does require the volunteer to go through the background check process one time per year.
Team Assistant Coaches (multiple per team) The Assistant Coaches are responsible for: 6 hours per week
·Attend the beginning of the season Coaches meeting.
·Assisting the Team Manager in practices.
·Assisting the Team Manager in warm ups before games.
·Assisting the Team Manager during games, including coaching in the field (where allowed by division) and on the bases.
This position does require the volunteer to go through the background check process one time per year.
Team Parent Coordinator (i.e. Team Mom/Dad) The Team Parent Coordinators are responsible for: Fall:
3 hours on coordination tasks.
·Attend the beginning of the season Team Parent meeting
·Try to get a team sponsor $250 (company name goes on back of jerseys) Younger divisions only:
·Coordinate collection of the concession buy out money and schedule the parents to work concession that do not choose to buy out. 2-3 hours per week  in dugout
·Communicate the picture schedule and hand out picture order forms.
·Collect the uniforms from the uniform coordinator when they come in and hand them out to their team.   
·Coordinate a snack schedule if the team wants to include snacks after games – not all do, so it should be discussed each season with the Team Manager and parents. Spring:
·Make sure the game ball(s) are received before the games if you are home team. ~5-10 hours on coordination tasks.
·Manage the dugout during games – this means staying in the dugout, ensuring the girls are paying attention, ensuring the next two girls up to bat are ready to go, etc.  (* This is not needed in the older divisions.)
·Coordinate the team party at the end of the season. + Younger divisions only:   2-3 hours per week  in dugout
·Some Team Managers may ask the Team Parent to send out the reminders for the practices and games. 
This position does require the volunteer to go through the background check process one time per year.
Practice Helpers These are parents that are happy to help during practices.  It is a much better practice when Team Managers are able to have about 3-4 drills going on at a time so the girls get the most out of the time allotted.   This also gives parents the opportunity to learn softball fundamentals and drills so they can continue to help their own child with home practices.  3-4 hours per week
This position is not an official coach, but is critical. 
This position does require the volunteer to go through the background check process one time per year.
Parent – Field Prep Before Games This position is very simple, but is critical to ensuring the games can proceed.  If there are no parents helping with this, the manager and assistant coaches are pulled away from warming up the players.  15 minutes before each game
Parents are necessary in this space to ensure the girls can be properly warmed up before a game by the Managers and Assistant Coaches.  The only things this entails are as follows:
·Rake the field or drag it if it is not already done by the county and if not already done for a prior game. 
·Line the field with chalkers  - the chalkers are located in our shed, so this person will need to walk over and get the chalker and then line the fields.  To line the fields, you will also need either a rake to measure the batter’s box or the PVC pipe template from the shed.
NOTE:  We are not expecting a professional job – really just need someone to do the best they can.  Coaches or committee members can help train the parents volunteering on what to do. 
Parent – Field Work This can either be a parent helping during a scheduled field work day, or simply a parent that is willing to help maintain things on the field.  As much as can be donated!
Note:  There is a committee member dedicated to Fields and Equipment, but that position needs help from the families to keep the park running.  The county handles some things, but there are ‘many’ tasks left up to the WCAA families.  Please consider helping to keep our fields in good condition!

WCAA Baseball and Softball Boundaries